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U-Pick Season!


See you next season!


Our first cherry season has been an incredibly rewarding journey, filled with the joy of seeing our orchard flourish and sharing the fruits of our labor with all who visited us. We are deeply grateful to everyone who stopped by, whether to pick cherries or simply to enjoy the serene beauty of our farm. Your support and enthusiasm have made this season truly special for us, and we look forward to welcoming you back in the future as our orchard continues to grow.

Before diving into next year's cherry-picking excitement, we kindly remind all guests to take a moment and familiarize themselves with our rules and policies for a smooth and enjoyable experience. Click the button below to learn more!

Cherry Hill Farm

39300 Bouquet Canyon Rd

Leona Valley, CA 93551

Welcome to Cherry Hill Farm where you can handpick your own delicious fruit straight from the tree! Our commitment to sustainable farming practices ensures that every cherry is grown without harmful chemicals, offering you the purest, most flavorful experience. Enjoy a fun-filled day with our U-Pick option, perfect for families and cherry enthusiasts alike. Visit us and taste the difference of truly organic, sun-ripened cherries!


Our Cherry Varieties

Cherry Picking Guide

The Do's and Don't's of Cherry Picking!

Do not pluck stems, leaves, or flowers. Only the fruit!

Gently hold the cherry between your fingers and thumb and gently pull the fruit. If the cherry is really ripe, the stem may come off easily while you are plucking the fruit which is alright.

Do pick the ripest cherries. For most our cherries, this means selecting fruit of deep red shades. The redder, the sweeter! Rainier cherries are the exception and are yellow with red blush when ripe.

Refer to the pictures above for some images of ripe cherries!

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